On this page you can find a brief overview of tattoo aftercare, pricing, and a links to our artist's profile pages.






Ink Ink Tattoos Currently hosts two full time tattoo artists. Click the piercer's name below to view their individual profile pages.


Paulie Ricci - Clermont / Sanford


Shayne Prevatt - Sanford


Deacon Miller - Sanford








1. Remove bandage after 1 to 2 hours

2. DO NOT touch unhealed tattoo with unwashed hands

3. Wash tattoo with antibacterial soap using your hand in a circular motion

Tattoo will feel "slimey" this is plasma trying to form a scab (scabs r bad!!!)

wash repeatedly to remove all plasma

4. Your tattoo should always feel moist, never dry

Apply a thin layer of aftercare 3 to 5 times per day, or until tattoo is healed

(always wash before aftercare)

5. Keep unhealed tattoo out of sunlight or tanning beds

SPF 30 or higher is required to protect your healed tattoo from fading

6. DO NOT soak unhealed tattoo in any water

(tub, sauna, jacuzzi, pool, ocean)

Showers are fine...don't be stinky B.O. Sucks

7. Tattoo will itch

a light slapping will help ease discomfort...or stop by for a free slap

DO NOT pick or scratch your tattoo

8. DO NOT listen to "tattoo experts" on the street or in bars

9. Any questions contact us immediately





There are many aspects than will affect the price of a tattoo. Some examples would be the size of the tattoo, the amount of detail in the design, and where on the body the tattoo is placed. For example a tattoo on a neck would be more expensive than say a tattoo on your arm. Why is that? The reason is that a persons neck is much harder to tattoo. The skin is much more difficult to work with, so the tattoo will take longer.

Most tattoo studios including us have a shop minimum. Our shop minimum is $60. Basically the shop minimum is used to make sure that even if it is a small tattoo the cost of the materials to do the tattoo is covered.


Now obviously we can't quote you a price on a tattoo over the phone or online, but what we can do is give you a basic idea of how we price tattoos.


We do quote prices for tattoos depending on the design and size. So if you have a small to medium size tattoo that you would like to have done you can come in to our shop and we can help you determine the size and placement of your tattoo, then we can quote you a price on what your tattoo will cost.


Now on a larger tattoo, say a tattoo that can't be completed all at once we would charge an hourly rate until the tattoo is completed. Our hourly rates run from $100 up to $150 an hour depending on the artist and design. For example portrait tattoos are some of the most difficult tattoos to produce. So in turn portrait work would be billed at $150 an hour.


We also offer our customers some of the latest advancements in the body art industry. We offer a form of painless tattoos. Yes. There is an additional charge of $50 per tattoo session, per size of 4"x6" area (limited to 3 hours). We feel the charge is minimal for the overall product and additional time needed to complete the painless tattoo procedure.
Hopefully this has given you an idea on how pricing for tattoos works, but of course the best thing to do is to come down to our shop and speak with one of our talented artists for a price on the tattoo that you would like to have done.





· YOU MUST BE 18, and have proof of age (photo ID) to obtain any tattoo or piercing. Minors must have notarized consent as well as ID.

· ABSOLUTLY NO CHILDREN UNDER 13 ALLOWED. You wouldn't take your kids with you to the bar would you? Either way, please don't bring them here.

· Payment is to be made in full prior to any work.

· We accept cash, visa or mastercard as acceptable forms of payment. Sorry no personal checks.

· Absolutely NO REFUNDS on any tattoo, piercing, or sale otherwise.

· Body Modification is a service industry, tipping is appreciated, but not required. If you feel your artist went above and beyond then tip!

· Walk-ins are taken on a first come, first serve basis.

· We are a custom only tattoo shop. We encourage our customer to do research and bring us as much reference material as possible to ensure we can exceed all your tattoo expectations. Remember a tattoo lasts a lifetime.

· Appointments are required for large scale tattoos.

· A deposit is required to reserve your appointment time. Deposits are also required to design custom art. Deposits are subtracted from the total body modification cost.

· You are responsible for the aftercare and healing of your body modification. To avoid any infection or loss of color, please follow all aftercare instructions as provided by your artist.

· For acceptable methods of aftercare for tattoos or piercings, please refer to our Tattoos and Piercing pages.

· If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, please don't hesitate to speak to a member of the Ink Ink Tattoos staff.






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On this page you can find a brief overview of piercing aftercare, pricing, and a links to our piercer's profile pages.