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Ever wish you could get a tattoo without the pain?? Well wish no more, because now you can with Ink Ink Tattoos' PAINLESS tattoo procedure!!


What Is A Painless Tattoo??


A painless tattoo is a tattoo that is administered by a properly trained artist, using exclusive topical anesthetics which help make your tattoo painless.


Can I Get A Painless Tattoo??


YES!! Painless tattoos are for everybody!! Tell your friends and family about painless tattoos!


Why should I Get A Painless Tattoo??


· You're too scared to get your first tattoo?

· You have an incomplete tattoo that you never had finished because it was too painful?

· You're thinking of getting a tattoo on a highly sensitive area?

· Your former artist scarred your skin and your feelings on getting anymore tattoos?

· You're afraid of needles?

· You're jumpy, jittery, or are generally an impatient person?

· You heard a horror story about a tattoo gone wrong from an a friend or family member?

· You have plenty of tattoos and want more, but are tired of feeling uncomfortable?

· You got a tattoo years ago and want more, but think you're to old to handle the pain?

· You just got a tattoo and want more, but the first one really hurt?


Does A Painless Tattoo Cost More??


Yes. There is an additional charge of $50. The product covers a 6"x6" area and typically lasts 1 to 3 hours. We feel the charge is minimal for the overall product and additional time needed to complete the painless tattoo procedure. Don't have the extra $50, don't fret! We have monthly specials as well as other promotions that include FREE PAINLESS TATTOOS!! Check our site often for more updates.


How Is A Painless Tattoo Administered??

A painless tattoo is administered through the same process as any other tattoo. However, we add several additional steps that include application and saturation of our exclusive topical anesthetics. Using this process, combined with our painless tattoo technique, our highly trained and experienced artists can help provide you with a painless tattoo experience. The best part of your painless tattoo is that when your modification is complete, only you and your artist have to know what a breeze it was!





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